Evert deGraeve

CCCADD – FAD (UVT) has signed a memorandum of understanding with international designer and consultant Evert deGraeve – NY, USA for the development of a common supervisory framework to improve the skills and abilities of design students and cooperation to coordinate the design practice of design students.

Evert deGraeve – Fine jeweler, independent consultant and authority on using social media globally; Co-founder of International Association of Jewellery Merchandize Planning Professionals Limited (IAJMPP) Hong Kong. Since 2006, he has launched designers and brands using social media into the Chinese market; previously: Vice President, Product Development and Design David Yurman Designs, Inc. (2003 December to October 2006)  where he directed design and development of new products based on Yurman’s design concept. while assisting Yurman in developing a signature diamond cut; managed development of models and prototypes including the in-house use of Cad Cam Soft and Rapid Prototyping; Vice President Global Product Development and Design, Mikimoto America, New York City (2001-2004), where he developed a global product language; oversaw the development of a global jewelry collection; directed product design and development; introduced Cad/Cam design and rapid prototyping; Director Product Development and Design Special Business Development, The Suna Collection, Suna Bros. Inc. (1993-2001) where he managed the design and model making functions for “The Suna Collection”  brand and private label clients; introduced global manufacturing and participated in developing Caribbean and Europe markets; Vice President, Special Programs, Harry Winston Inc, New York City (1988-1993)  where he launched private label jewelry brands in Japan and South Korea; functioned as Design Director for Harry Winston’s special program division, directing model making domestically and in Asia, and managed a  production facility for special program in China.

For the past 15 years Evert deGraeve has worked closely with lect. univ. dr. Alexandru Bunii, award-winning jewelry designer, on a large variety of projects that include brands like Mikimoto, A.Jaffe, Swarovski, Nicole Barr, Cirque du Soleil, Maison Tatiana Faberge, Aaron Basha, Chris Correia and many other.
Born and educated in Holland and Belgium Evert deGraeve is passionate about education and sharing his experiences.

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